Monday, April 9, 2012

Short trip to the harbor today and saw these two tows passing in the ICW...normally the boats follow the same rules as highway drivers when it comes to which side of the "road" they "drive" on but these guys changed lanes! Maybe they thought they were in British waters!

Sigma 50/1.4

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Young Patty

This is Patty Richardson grandmother. This photo was sent to me by my sister, Linda, via e-mail some time ago and I've been trying to restore it with Photoshop. My sis is a much more capable historian and researcher than I am and when our mom passed away, Linda took the family's collection of photos home with her. I'm glad she did and I'm glad that she's interested in the family history.

I got to meet and know our grandmother but she passed away when I was very young so my memories are a little fuzzy. Linda and I think this photo of Patty shows her in her wedding seems to fit the styles of the time and, as you can see, Patty is quite young here. I can't recall how long my grandparents were married before they had their children but my dad (the oldest of three sons) was born in 1913 so this photo is over a hundred years old. As was the norm in those days, Patty had a lot of grit! Widowed at an early age and with three young boys to raise, Patty seems to have been up to the job. She worked as a station agent and telegrapher for the Texas and Pacific Railroad and lived through some wild times. She worked, mostly, on the western division of the T&P and often worked nights with only her dog and a Colt .32 automatic pistol for company...quite a gal, I'd say and I'm so glad I got to spend a little time with her!

I've been doing this blog about 3 years now and I think this is the first time I've posted a photo that I didn't take. I guess there are all kinds of ways to judge your success as a photographer...if 100 years from now, one of my photos can evoke the feelings that I have for this photo...I will have done a great job!

The mighty Cormorant...from Sunday's trip to the harbor.

The mighty Sunflower...also from Sunday's outing.

Monday, April 2, 2012

My Sunday Behind The Lens

Sunday, I got the chance to spend the afternoon with two friends. Grace, Jan and I went to Conn Brown Harbor and found a few things to shoot...had a great time and hope to do it again when we have the time.

Intrepid photographers, stalking their prey.

All shots with the Sony 70-200/2.8G

Monday, March 26, 2012


Who do you think invented camouflage? Was it the military, the hunters, the Realtree people? Nah, it was Mother Nature...and nobody does it better!

Sony 70-200G with 1.4x TC

I have to apologize for my long absence from the blog...I didn't run over my limit on data again, I've just been busy and I've been bummed out...I've been dealing with a camouflage issue of another kind. Did you ever have a long-time friend turn on you, shed his camouflage and show you his true self? I've been dealing with that this week. This guy has been camouflaged for years but he's out in the open now, in plain sight and I just have to put him and the situation behind me. Ah, never stop learning....

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Hunt Continues

The neighbor's cat heard I was shooting birds so she came over to investigate.

If I can just get that lid off, I can roll in this stuff!
My flash was a little too strong in this one but I'll take it.

Half of the Rap group "Kid N Play"


It was another short session...windy and spitting rain so I decided that "tomorrow is another day"

Friday, March 16, 2012

15 Minutes On The Porch

I warned you that I was shifting into "bird" mode...I was only able to sit on the front porch for about 15 minutes this afternoon but the birds rewarded me. Here's a Red winged Blackbird...they'll empty a feeder in a heartbeat!

A young male cardinal

A female Cardinal...this girl wasn't shy at all, she flirted with me for several minutes.

Adult male at the feeder

The Black Crested Titmouse was back...or maybe (probably) another one. This one did seem a little larger than the one from yesterday.

Lucky shot of the day...I was about to shoot the male cardinal in the background when this female flew right into the could be a little sharper but "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth."...right?

All these were with the Sony 70-200/2.8 with a 1.4x teleconverter.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fair Warning

I feel that it's only fair to give everyone warning that I put the feeders back out today. They spent the winter in the safety of the garage so it's time for them to get a little action. I give y'all warning because, for the next few days, I'll probably bore everyone to death with bird pictures! I put the feeders out fairly early today but didn't get the chance to watch them till the sun was almost down this evening...hope I have more time for it tomorrow!

Minolta 500/f8