Friday, January 30, 2009

Feather Day

Well, today, if it wore feathers it got shot at. My friend Wendy went to the refuge yesterday and that gave me the itch!


Top Tupperware said...

come visit me at its not your mothers tupperware! =)

Wendy said...

LOL...first I am laughing at the tupperware comment, Yikes!! They are crawling out of the woodwork!!

YES to the PHOTOS!! I told you there were all kinds of birds over there and you did a magnificant job finding them!! Now what are the first ducks? And are the sparrow looking birds, pine siskens? Your making me get the books out, lol...NO Fair!! I love all the photos and I'm just tickled with the photos you captured!! Okay so maybe I need to run back over there in the daylight, lol...

I love the first image and how the 3 ducks are lined up...great capture!
The pintail is sweet and again love the water. I don't know what you do but your water always looks good in photos, clear and crisp!
The lighting on the sandhill cranes is exceptional!! They almost glow!
The little bird in the 4th photo, what is he? His he the same as the ones in the last photo?
The Kestrel is very make me sick! I've been trying to get a photo of a Kestrel hanging out near us but no luck so far...he just doesn't like me. I saw a lot of Kestrels on the electric lines when we came home from Corpus the other day...Spring is in the air!
Love the Heron and his reflection! He is so intent on what he is doing he's not even paying attention to you...How far were you from him?
It looks like you had a good glad you decided to take the afternoon off and do some photo therapy!!