Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Aermotor - Chicago

This is a familiar scene to anyone who's ever traveled the roads in Texas (or just about any other state...but we'll claim it for Texas) these are everywhere and the ranching business would probably have died out years ago without them...well, maybe not :)


Norme said...

Love the shot -- and someone had to watch the pelicans while you were gone. Hee hee Trying to change up my routine to include the harbor tour in the mornings.

Wendy said...

Yes Sir I see them all the time...even have a few with beautiful sunsets behind them...actually Fred and his son were taking photos with their cell phones of the Windmills in the Valley, lol...They got some beautiful photos!! I really don't think a lot of ranchers would have made it with out the windmills to pump the water...expecially if it is as dry as it is NOW!! Love the photo!