Monday, February 2, 2009

Alexandra G

Another busy day for yours truly...I did manage to make a mad dash by the harbor this afternoon and catch this boat, freshly hauled out. I have to make a trip to San Antonio tomorrow so the doctors at the VA hospital can poke around on me. I'll try to find internet up there but if I can't, I'll post Tuesday's shot along with Wednesday's when I get back to town.


Wendy said...

Maybe her and Funny Ricky will hook up and make baby shrimp boats :o)...They sure do look strange when they are out of the water! Have a safe trip to S.A. and hope everything goes well. Looking forward to your photos when you have time.

silverfish said...

I love this picture, too. Well, all your pics are in a class by themselves, and your narrations are pictorial by themselves.