Thursday, February 12, 2009

Double Departure and View From The Point

Woo Hoo...I went to Lighthouse Trails Park about 5:30 this afternoon and was rewarded with the sight of two gulf boats coming out...haven't seen a double for quite a while. On the way home, I stopped at Steadman Point to watch the sunset but the low-lying clouds completely obscured it. I hung around for a while to enjoy the solitude and decided to shoot the bridge and town from the point. This is a 20 second exposure.


Wendy said...

Sheesh two days in a are on a roll!! You know I love seeing the shrimp boats with their rigging down, that is just too sweet!! Excellant capture!! I am so glad you waited at the point as that night shot is awesome!! I love working with night photos and experimenting...this is beautiful!! Thank you again for some beautiful photos and for sharing them with us...Night Night :o)

Norme said...

Love the shrimp boat shots++
The view toward bridge and town is great thanks for sharing

shutterflycutie said...

It is cool how the water looks like snow here with the slow speed. But the boats always make me reminisce of childhood days. Daddy always let us go out the channel with him and we'd be climbing all over the rigging while they were running. We knew Mom would be at Ferry Point, as us kids knew it then, and we'd all say the last goodbye's for another trip underway. Such memories!