Saturday, February 28, 2009

Harbor Tour

My friends, Norma and Jan rescued me this afternoon. They called about 5:00 and said we're going to the harbor, do you want to go? ...heck yeah! We went up on Allen to check out the hatchery situation and I'm happy to report that the hens are sitting the nests. We got a little too close and scared them away but they returned to the nests as soon as we backed off a little. There should be some good baby heron pictures before too long. We also saw the usual suspects...pelicans, gulls and cormorants. There were sunflowers down by the old boat ramp...I know, I know, just lowly, common sunflowers but the colors were so vibrant in the late day sun that I just had to take a few shots. Thank you, Norma and Jan for getting me out and about for a little while!


SUNJUNE said...

I love the nest. I made a nest for the wild birds tomorrow. I will show the pics in my blog in the next week. I don't know whether wild birds like my nest. I hope there will be a birds live in my nest./lol Actually I know it is impossible. Wild birds won't live in the nest which made by human. Love your pics, love your pics of flying birds forever.

Wendy said...

Yea Norma and Jan good job rescuing John. After his week he probably needed some photo therapy!! So glad to hear the Heron hens are sitting, can't wait to see the babies!! Love the lone Pelican photo...and the heron flying, Sweet!! Yea to the sunflowers, at least someone is seeing wildflowers, lol. Now if the wind would settle a bit!! Have a good rest of your weekend :o)

Norme said...

John I love the one of heron in flight. Finally posted some shots--internet was not letting it go through till now. I had a really good time yesterday was happy to be a part of the rescue team. :)