Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hatchery Update

I went to the old sunken boats in Conn Brown Harbor this evening to check on the progress of the herons nest building activity. This nest is the one that I got to witness the first stick being laid. It's progressing nicely. The poor cormorant was holding on for dear life as he tried to dry his wings...it was very windy this evening. The tug Miss Monie was showing off her blue deck lights as she was pushing an LPG gas barge past the FEMA docks. All in all, not a totally wasted trip to Conn Brown.


Norme said...

Oh goodie going to keep us up to date on the heron's nesting progress. Yes indeed WINDY today here on the coast of Texas.
I got new batteries for the my camera so will see what I can find tomorrow. :)

Wendy said...

The wind is awful...so glad you got out and captured some great photos too!! The nest is coming along quiet nicely too!! I hope they are able to raise some young!! I was wondering when I saw the photo of the cormorant how it was staying there with the way the wind was blowing today...thought maybe you weren't getting the winds we were but after reading your journaling I see you were and that guy was having problems with the wind too!! Miss Monie looks ship-shape and working hard...Everytime I see a tug I think of the diesel motors and how hard they are working...and of the noise too!! Love the blue lights...great capture!! I need to check out the Conn Brown Harbor where exactly is it?