Friday, February 6, 2009

Night Moves

Another late day for my quest for a photo. I made it out to Harbor Island just in time for the sunset and as I was heading back to town, I stopped to shoot the lights of the cars crossing the bridge. As I crossed the bridge I looked over at the Memorial Tower and figured that would be a good spot for my last shots of the day.


SUNJUNE said...

What a beautiful pics! I'm new to your follower.

Wendy said...

John that sunset is perfect, especially with the clouds drawing you right into it!! Great job!! Love the car lights going over the bridge...awesome!! I would love to try that but as we don't have a main road out here a little hard...Do you think the deer would hold flashlights for me and run through the pasture, LOL...I love the memorial...I think I like the night-time photo of it better than the one you took during the day!