Friday, February 13, 2009

Steadman Sunset...Almost

Not being one to give up easily (or hardheaded) I went back to Steadman Point this evening to try to catch a sunset. I tried yesterday but clouds on the horizon blocked it out. The clouds weren't much better this evening and it was getting foggy but I, at least, got this shot before the sun dipped behind the clouds.


SUNJUNE said...

setting sun is my favorite landscape. staring at the last ray of sunshine I can feel my breath is quiet and my heart is inactive. I wanna use the better words to describe my feeling. But my English is not very good.
another day always after the sunset. So the sunset predict another hopeful dawn.

Norme said...

I like it--the way the way the clouds are and like all the color tones in the picture. Oh now like it stated not easy to give up hee hee. I have only been to Steadman Point one time ever but it is a good view out there. Glad you did not give up John

Wendy said...

I love it!! Great Capture!! Love the colors and the rays of sunshine!! You ROCK!!