Saturday, May 22, 2010

Aerial Attack

My friend the heron returned today, proving that some folks can just never get enough. I know I can't get enough of a good thing, including the opportunity to watch and photograph these magnificent creatures...God gives us such glorious gifts! He looks intent on perpetrating an aerial attack on these unsuspecting fishermen but really he was just looking for a perch. We all need to perch now and then to survey our see what we have and what we may lose. The herons as well as all the other species of water birds stand to lose a lot if the environmental impacts of the recent oil spill are not addressed in a timely fashion. I sorta take the plentiful brown pelicans for granted. They are everywhere ...but it wasn't long ago that they were on the endangered species list. If things aren't rectified soon, they could very easily go right back on that well as the Great Blue Heron and hundreds of other coastal wildlife varieties. Let's hope, for their sakes as well as ours, that the industry gets their act together soon.


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I tried to post a comment here the other day and the pc I was on just wouldn't cooperate! I suppose I needed to perch a while and reflect on life myself. You have had some very reflective thoughts on your blog lately...wish these were posted publicly for city officials to mull over. But guess some things are only of value to ones who with the same reflections of mind and heart.