Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pop Quiz

If you lay down in the weeds, burrs and creepy-crawlies because somebody likes low angle shots of wildflowers are you:

a. creatively challenged

b. eager to please

c. easily led

d. just plain crazy

And if while doing that, you are able to catch a butterfly that is flying over, are you

a. good

b. lucky

c. in tune with nature

d. lying on a caterpillar

Or maybe it's just all too silly to contemplate. These are at Conn Brown Harbor with the Sigma 15-30


shutterflycutie said...

I can't believe these generated NO comments from anyone! WOW....U R all of the above: amazingly creative, very pleasing, finally following, definitley CRAZY....excellent, fortunate (more impressive than lucky), in tune with the greatest of all God's creations, and perhaps you released that caterpillar to become the butterfly that was hidden. Of course, I am a little bit prejudice since I AM ONE of your most admiring pupils of photography and camera gadgetry. As usual, I'm jealous you have the Sigma 15-30 instead of me!

Wendy said... you honestly want me to comment on this? I'll trade you fire ants for caterpillars or perhaps you'd like some grass burrs, they are so pleasant when stuck in your photos John, love that your posting which lens your using too...