Saturday, May 29, 2010

Two Shepherds and the Native Texan

I called the first image "Two Shepherds". You can probably figure out the first one; the figure of Christ on the Memorial Tower...pretty obvious. The second shepherd reference regards the building. That's Margaret Garret's place. Margaret is a local fixture at Conn Brown Harbor. She and her family have made their living at the harbor for many years. Margaret buys and sells shrimp, makes a mean burger and will cook up shrimp and fish tacos that make my mouth water. During the recent squabbles over the future of the harbor, Margaret was the most stalwart and outspoken defender of the shrimpers and other harbor folks that have been here for years and made this town in a sense, Margaret is a shepherd too...and besides, any grandmother that is forcibly removed from a city council meeting and arrested on the personal order of the mayor is OK in my books. So, if you're ever down here in Aransas Pass, looking for peace of mind, come on down to Margaret's and she'll give you a little piece of hers!
I don't really know what kind of bug this is in the second picture but I know he is a native Texan. How do I know? ...because it's the 29th of May and he's headed for the shade.

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shutterflycutie said...

What a great narative for the stalwark shepherds of Aransas Pass! Sorry it took me so long to read this post. It will now be one of my fav posts by you. I used to work for the Garret's cleaning fish in this very building. Some of my fondest memories (definitely not my husband's) from the past.
I think the bug is, unofficially called, a stink bug. But I could be wrong!