Thursday, May 20, 2010

Who Sez

Who sez you can't shoot butterflies with a 500mm lens? I was out to shoot birds today when I saw this beautiful butterfly about ten or twelve feet from me. I had the 500mm on and didn't have the time to change it. Even if you think your tools are not ideal, you have to try to capture a beautiful butterfly when one comes your way. The second shot was from yesterday. This little ant was making a mighty effort to get to the top of the flower...just another of nature's little lessons; when you decide where you want to be, you have to make the effort to get there. Now, ain't I the wise old dude?


shutterflycutie said...

As usual, I am stunned by the way you use your tools at hand! I have a lot to learn too. Life teaches us a lot of lessons, but the lessons from nature are never harsh, just the best examples of how to get the most out of what we have. Effort and not giving up...those little ants: look at the size of the tools they have and what they accomplish! Amazing!

Wendy said...

Isn't an artist one who uses what's at hand to create beautiful things? You did it here and spectacular job! Some days I feel like that ant :o)