Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wild Things

What is it with me and wild things? Wild things draw me like a moth to a flame. Wild birds, wildflowers, wild places...wildcats? Maybe it's just the desire to instill my own wildness into the mix, to somehow insert a bit of my wild spirit and to come away enriched by the experience. These litle wild beauties were at the harbor this afternoon and the city mowing crews are methodically cutting them down...bummer. Shot with the Sigma 12-24 at f16


shutterflycutie said...

WOW...I love these shots John...there is so much depth and texture to them, like a painting! I have enjoyed your perspective, and, I agree about wild things. I am so happy to see you stretching your experimental boundaries....think it will include wildcats in the future?

Wendy said...

There's wildcats over to AWR, I've seen them!!!
Fantastic photos, you never cease to amaze me! Our precinct mowed our ditches last week and I was NOT happy....what happened to waiting until June?