Monday, June 28, 2010


Photography is all about contrasts; black and white, light and shadow, the contrast of color and the contrasts presented in the gradations of the tonal scale. Life is full of contrasts too...I was struck by the contrast in these boats. All of them were tied up at Mile 33 Shipyard in Aransas Pass but look at the differences; the yacht is beautiful...sweeping lines, immaculate paint and brightwork. It speaks of luxury and...lots and lots of money. The tugs, on the other hand give no such impression. They are built for work and everything on them or about them is about function. The yacht is stunning but I find the tugs much more interesting...they have character...they're blue collar right down to their keels. But then, I'm just an old school working guy...never had much use for rich boys!

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shutterflycutie said...

Rich boys are useful...they keep us working stiffs in jobs. But never met one that was worth their weight in salt, only their money