Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tall Tales- High Times

I was down at Conn Brown Harbor this afternoon (what's new, right?) and I noticed a change in a couple of the familiar sights. There've been a couple of old cruisers out behind the old Seahorse diesel shop for several years, sitting on blocks and taking in the sun. I don't know if they were here just to be stripped of their engines and running gear or, as I like to hope, were originally blocked up for restoration. These old mahogany plank boats represented real luxury in their time. Wednesday's storm tipped them off their blocks and put them on the ground. They'll probably stay there till someone demolishes them or they rot away to nothing...doesn't take long when a wooden hull is in contact with the ground. That's a pity. If these old girls could talk, I bet they'd have some tall tales about high times.


shutterflycutie said...

how sad is that? They kind of represent AP Harbor for now. I'd sure love to hear some of the tales...others I'm sure would need to be kept below deck! Love the color and b/w together

Wendy said...

Sigh...if there is anything in this world that is constant it is change...doesn't always mean for the better either :o(
I love that first shot in color...gorgeous! If only they could tell their stories :o)