Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Week Two

It's week two of my "same lens for a week" challenge. For this seven day stretch, I've chosen the Konica-Minolta 28-75/2.8. It's a very good lens for general photography...sharp when you coax sharpness out of it...relatively fast with a constant 2.8 capability...and it has a pretty handy zoom range. I took it to the harbor this afternoon and as I was meticulously avoiding the ants, I got this shot of a tug pushing a barge toward the bridge. It was a beautiful afternoon of sunshine, partly cloudy skies and an offshore breeze that made the heat bearable. It had been a stressful day but my time at the harbor, with camera in hand, seems to go a long way towards melting that stress away. It's almost like having a sympathetic ear to hear all your problems and give you some balance!

1 comment:

shutterflycutie said...

Wow...one lens down...how many to go? I think I need to find a spot for peaceful reflection. You make the harbor sound like heaven, even with it's hell of fire ants.