Monday, June 14, 2010

Well Excuuuse Me!

I was out today acting like a real nature photographer, creeping through the brush, trying to be quiet and keeping my tired old eyes peeled for the birds. I stuck my head up over the bay bush and this Reddish Egret showed me just what he thought about being sneaked up on and, I suppose, photographers in general...sheesh, how rude. Then he puffed up and showed me what a proud bird he was. I couldn't match his display so I guess he got the best of that encounter. He then settled down and gave me a good pose. The White Egret and the Tri Colored Heron were much more gracious and posed without any displays of bad behavior. You know, you never hear bird shooters complain about being too close but I was a little too close today, had a hard time getting some of my shots into the frame. I love getting close to a good thing but I guess there's always an exception to every rule.


shutterflycutie said...

Rules don't really have exceptions. It's all in your head! If you believe there are exceptions then you will obey the rule every time. It's a rule that rule makers count on! ha ha ha...glad you were able to sneak up on these guys...enjoyed the shots, and as always, the narrative.

Wendy said...

LMBO...Great Capture guess the first one told you what he thought about your antics!! Awesome Photos, unbelievable how close you got but then look at your lens too :o)

Norme said...

Just love the pictures, that one with white down front of neck line is really different. Glad you were there to capture these for us.