Monday, July 5, 2010

Dana Robyn

Day four with the 70-300, caught the tug Dana Robyn pushing a service barge north towards Rockport. Yesterday should have been day four but I had the chance to go shoot the tall ships in Ingleside and I knew the 70-300 would be pretty useless for that. I hope you'll forgive me for breaking the rules of my challenge but a chance like that doesn't come along every day. I took a 12-24 super wide zoom and a 24-105 zoom and they filled the bill nicely. It was a wonderful event but really wasn't set up to be very photographer friendly....lots of obstructions that were placed too close to the ships but still, I got lots of shots. I'll be sharing some in the next few days in addition to my regular daily efforts. One of the really interesting aspects of these tall ships is the figurehead on the bow of each here they are, all shot with the 24-105 as was yesterdays shot of the flag. The gold eagle is from the U.S. Coast Guard ship...the Eagle. The Aztec king which was spectacular was from the Mexican ship, Cuauhtemoc. The condor was from the Esmerelda which is from Chile. The last is from the Uruguayan ship Capitan Miranda.


shutterflycutie said...

sorry I missed that show

Norme said...

I had a chance to go to Austin, sure was sorry to miss these ships. Glad you got some pictures, I really like the figureheads shots.

Wendy said...

Love the photos you took of the tall ships and these figureheads are too cool. Thanks for sharing!