Monday, July 19, 2010

Floating Restaurant?

Gulf shrimp season opened on July 15th. That used to be a really big deal in this came and went, ice and fuel merchants did a booming business and so on...even the local grocery stores made money hand over fist selling and delivering a month's supply of vittles to just about every boat. Now, opening day doesn't mean much...a few boats trickle in and out...mostly because this happens to be the closest port for an unexpected repair or to pick up some forgotten essential item that was not taken when the boat left to go fishing. As far as I know, there's only one place left at this harbor where a boat can sell it's catch or buy fuel or ice, and that's a very small business. The city council has placed a moratorium on the leases at the harbor now...they will only grant a one year lease. Who's going to invest and try to build up a business if they know there's an excellent chance of being booted out after a year? I sure wouldn't! There are much better equipped ports and much friendlier governments up and down the coast so the boats won't be back...not unless things change...big time! I saw this boat at city dock today...she was from Galveston and was named Thai Express II. With her bright yellow paint job and that name...I was reminded of a drive through asian take-out restaurant. I wish her a good and profitable season.

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