Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day Thoughts

To our founding fathers: Thank you for having the initiative, the vision and the courage to stand up to an oppressive government, to free this country from that oppression and allow us to live as a self-governing, free nation.
To past generations of Americans: Thank you for having the work ethic to make this country strong. Thank you for having the courage to stand and fight for this country's ideals. Thank you for having the wisdom to see that the right way is the only way. Thank you for leaving us a legacy of freedom, prosperity and good moral values.
To the men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard training ship Eagle, who flew our colors so proudly today at the meeting of tall ships in Ingleside Texas and to all the other men and women who wear this country's uniform around the world: Thank you for your honor and courage, for your devotion to duty and country, for your willingness to sacrifice and serve. You are my have my undying gratitude and respect...may God keep you all.
To Mr. Obama and that merry band of pranksters known as The U.S. Congress:...Dudes!...why don't you crack a history book sometime? If you actually KNEW the principles and values this country was founded upon, maybe you could try to govern by those principles and not by your personal agendas...Maybe if you KNEW the character past generations of government displayed, you might actually try to display some of that character yourselves. Maybe if you KNEW the government of this country was meant to serve the citizens and not the other way around, then maybe this country might have a slight chance to retain that freedom and independence that all those generations from the past sacrificed so much for!
OK, rant over...hope everyone had a great 4th of July. God bless America!!

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shutterflycutie said...

rant, rant, rant.....
Sometimes we gotta just say what we think!