Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Portrait in Profile

It's day six with the 500...I've been having fun with it. You can really bring things up close with it. You can get good headshots from a distance that won't spook your the seagull. You can get different perspectives than with lenses of shorter focal the flags...I was able to shoot them from a long distance and still fill the frame. With a shorter lens, to fill the frame, I would have to have been much closer and would have had to shoot up at a pretty high angle...might have been OK but it would have been a completely different perspective, different picture. Of course, sometimes the high magnification power makes it a little challenging to get everything into the the big Kirby tug...I was backed up about as far as I could go and just barely got the whole boat into the shot. One more day with the big gun, then on to something shorter...gotta be shorter, I don't have anything longer!

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Wendy said...

Sheesh how I wish I had that lens, lol...Love the photos you take with it. The bait shop flags are sweet!