Friday, July 16, 2010

Where the Good Stuff Begins

Went out to prowl the county roads this afternoon and the sign struck me as yet another thing that I could poke fun at. County maintenance ended so to me that meant that there might still be some wildflowers left on the other side of the sign. I'm shooting this week with the Sony 30mm f 2.8's very sharp and will do 1:1 macro, as promised, but at 1:1 the front of the lens is only about 3/4 of an inch from your subject...OK for some things but not so good for anything that will bite, scratch or sting...and after all, this is south Texas and most living things that you come across will do at least one of those things. So, it's not a lens to get REALLY close to critters with but it's a fun little lens with lots of other qualities. I'm looking forward to a week with it. The grassburrs and barbed wire are Texas staples and both qualify in the bite, scratch or sting category!


Wendy said...

Excellant job and good idea for uncut flowers and flora...I hate sandburrs...with a passion and not fond of barbed wire fences either...lots of holes in the jeans to prove that one, lol. Great photos John!

Norme said...

Good job John, always fun to see the photos you put on here.