Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Enemy

This is the enemy and this is my new challenge. I'm trying to get free of tobacco and today is my second day of this new and very difficult challenge. Today is day seven with the 24-105. I have quite a few more lenses that I could use in this "one lens for a week" challenge but I guess one challenge at a time is enough for me...so, I'll concentrate on getting free of my nasty habit and suspend the lens challenge for now. I've been using this crap in one form or another since I was 12 years old so I guess it's time to quit...it's hard to do! Your support in this will be much appreciated! This was taken with the 24-105 but with a 12mm extension tube added to allow for the closer focus that I wanted.


Wendy said...

Awesome photo...I've always wondered about extension tubes...this makes it very interesting, hmmm...As to the bad habit, as you know I have it too...Fred quit the dip for 2 weeks and not is back to it but only in the evenings...He's trying too. I quit smoking for 3 months last year and then blew it, sigh! It's something you have to keep trying over and over again until you manage it....I used the nicorite (sp.) patch and it worked and took care of the aggression (bitchiness, lol)...But if your on certain meds you need to be careful...call or write if you need some support...we can talk photo and get your mind off the other :o) Good luck!

shutterflycutie said...

Great idea Wendy...John,, you have several in your support group. I have never been down that road, but have my own demons to leave behind. They are all painful in one way or another. Much success my friends!
BTW: great shot too!