Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cap'n Jack and The Wild Grass

Capt. Jack Green from New Orleans came down the ICW this afternoon pushing a big string of barges. Capt. Jack is a big boat and two crewmen were on top of the wheelhouse to lower the masts and antennas. Some of these bigger boats can't make it under the bridge unless those things are lowered. As soon as the boat clears the bridge, everything is put back into place. Tugboat captains tend to get nervous when they don't have their radar and radios.

Some of the native coastal grasses have a pretty interesting look when they have headed out with seed.


Wendy said...

LOL I think I'd want my radar and radios too...Love the photos, great job!

shutterflycutie said... got some great shots of the grasses! See, even in this heat you find beauty! We all know why the boats like their equipment! Those bays become disastrous in a heart beat....