Monday, August 30, 2010

Heading For The Barn

It was a good day to come home. I don't know how long this boat has been out but it's always an exciting day for the crew and their familys when the trip is over and a pay day is earned. Shrimpers are truly one of the last groups of workers that get paid according to what they produce. The crews pay for their own fuel, groceries and supplies. They also pay for maintainence of the nets. When they return to port and the catch is sold, a percentage goes to the the top...the bills are paid then the crew splits the rest...The captain gets the biggest crew share, of course, then the rigman gets a little less than the captain but more than the others because he is a more skilled fisherman and has a lot of the responsibilities...a good captain can put you on the shrimp but if the rigman doesn't have the rigs working like they should, you're not going to catch much shrimp...he sets up and maintains the rigs (nets, bags, doors, flippers, cork line floats and the tickler chain)and he is the boss of the back deck. The others are either headers or deck hands and their share is the smallest. A normal crew used to be 4 men but with the tough times, lots of boats go out with 3 now. Some of the big freezer boats go out with 5 or 6 though. Everybody has their job and if you don't pull your weight, your career in the fishing industry will be a very short one. 

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Wendy said...

Okay so I always thought it would be a neat adventure to work just once on a Shrimp boat, I've since changed my mind, LOL...Love it, thanks for all the info! I learned something new today, yeah!