Monday, August 23, 2010

In The Beginning

In the beginning, there was a wonderful medium called film...and there were great old cameras, like this one, that used that medium to produce art, memories and journals of their owners lives. This was my fathers camera. It's a kodak 620 junior, made in the 1930's. My dad loved to take pictures and vacation time was always filled with opportunities to break out the Kodak and record our adventures. Dad was a railroad man...from a railroad family and he was killed on the job in 1962. The camera sat in a drawer in my mom's dresser for close to 50 years, I guess. My mom passed away last year and I brought the junior home with me when I went up for the funeral. I take the camera out and just hold it quite's a real connection to my past. I took my first photos with it and it reminds me of my dad. Everytime I feel the camera I remember his infectious smile and my heart overflows with emotion as I remember that kind gentle man that loved us so much. I can almost hear him say...bring me the Kodak...I miss you Dad!


Wendy said...

Oh so wonderful! I remember taking photos with a Brownie...So glad you have this piece of history/past that your Dad and you shared, what a warm happy memory! Big HUGS coming your way!

shutterflycutie said...

Gee...sounds like you took after your dad. Thanks for sharing that beautiful memory. I had the same connection with my Dad. He was the photographer and I followed his footsteps with a love of recording special moments and just beautiful things in life. When he passed away, his camera was the first thing I hoped I'd get to keep: and I did! (Plus I used it til it was worn out).