Thursday, August 12, 2010

Provider and Sweet Nectar

This is the Provider. She's been a Conn Brown Harbor regular for many years...most bay boats are built of plywood but the provider and a handful of others were built in the old school manner, laid up with individual planks. These boats were built to last...but nothing lasts forever and it looks like the Provider is getting close to the end. Due to the cost of building with this method, we've probably seen the last of her kind. It's too bad but the bottom line is the bottom line.

I can't resist sunflowers, especially when they have a bee in attendance. This specimen was at the harbor and this guy was very involved in the task at hand. Sunflowers are about the only wildflowers left at the harbor these days...the hot summer has burned up about everything else. The bees and I don't mind too much. They love the pollen and sweet nectar and I love the vibrant color...especially when it's presented with a beautiful blue sky. The Provider was shot with the Minolta 500-f8 and the flower with the Sony 30-f2.8 macro.


Norme said...

Wow, that is a super good shot of the bee and I love it against the yellow of the sunflower!!

shutterflycutie said...

I agree Norma! Love the focal angle as well...
Nature's perfect harmony: blue, green, yellow:
sky, earth, sun....have to have them all to live and appreciation for them all to enjoy the life.