Monday, August 2, 2010

Texas Tradition

This is Sunday's picture. I had a doctor's appointment in San Antonio this morning and went to bed early...without posting. Yesterday was my last day with the Minolta 70-210 f4 and it was in my mind to post something to honor Texas...what could do that better than DQ? Buster Bars, Dilly Bars and chili burgers...sounds very Texican, verdad? Of course the most Texican of all would be the T brand tacos...yummy. Viva Tejas...Viva DQ!


shutterflycutie said...

Are they really called "T" brand tacos? All I know is I certainly do like them, along with an order of FF....o'course ANYTHING branded by "T" has got to be scrumptuous!

Norme said...

Well must say that Texas puts it own twist on DQ but they have them in Illinois too, and a couple of years back me and my granddaughter Madison had a really good time at their "Illinois DQ" Hee Hee