Friday, August 13, 2010

Tower Revisited and Dusty Dawn

The past few weeks have seen a beautification project at the Memorial Tower on the south end of Conn Brown Harbor. A lot of work was put into the project by local citizens. A few weeks ago, I posted a shot of the tower from the base...looking up. The tower was rededicated today and I thought I would revisit the site. The last shot was taken with a 28-75 f 2.8 so I thought I'd go a little wider with this one. I used the Sigma 12-24 f 4.5-5.6.

While I was at the harbor, this clean looking boat slipped down the fairway and tied up at city dock. She's the Dusty Dawn from Cut Off, Louisiana. I love to see obvious displays of owner pride with these boats ...this one was sharp as a tack!


Wendy said...

Love the angle you got on the memorial tower, too sweet! Glad you got out despite the heat. The breeze yesterday and today was nice.
Love the Dusty Dawn, she is clean and looks well taken care of. I wondered if the Louisiana boats would be coming this way for shrimp season. It makes sense. I need to head to the Marina in Rockport for some fresh shrimp, sheesh that sounds so good!

shutterflycutie said...

Wendy...I have wanted some shrimp for weeks now. I'd like to cook some with my mom's recipe for batter...need to get wtih my sisters and see if they want to try it.
Love the shots John...the memorial angle is too cool and, like you, love to see a trawler well cared for and respected!