Wednesday, September 1, 2010

29 Red and ND 64

I came across my filters today...I've got a pretty good stack of them. Back in my film days, I used them a lot. They don't get much use now that I shoot digital but I thought I'd take a couple of them out for a spin. The black and whites were shot using a 29's a contrast filter and makes anything blue quite dark. They also make a 25 red which weakens the effect and if you just want to darken the sky a little bit, you can use a yellow.

These red filters really make the clouds pop!

For the color shot, I used an ND64. ND stands for neutral's like putting  really dark sunglasses on your lens...lets you open things up in bright light or slow your shutter speed down. This is what they use in those pictures of waterfalls or rapid water and the effect is like a cloud or blur...pretty cool! Now where can I find a waterfall in south Texas?


shutterflycutie said...

Cute...a waterfall in South the variety and the lessons...gonna keep this up for us students?

Wendy said...

I've always loved the effects of filters, this is such a cool post! I'm just too darn lazy to put them on my lens, lol...I keep UV filters on all of them for protection since the bubble incidence but I've only bought a few others...One is a warm filter and the other one is a Polarized Circle...I would love to try out ND64...what about the water hose for a water fall? Try it and let me see what you get. P.S. we have small waterfalls over here on the creek...well we did have when it rained, lol...