Monday, September 13, 2010

Day's End on On The Farm

I was back at the wind farm for sunset this evening. I didn't have much time to set up my shot because I turned down the wrong road and almost got stuck! Hermine dropped a lot of rain over there and some of the back roads are still pretty boggy.

Looks like the cotton crop was pretty good this year and the farmers were able to get it out of the fields before the rains. This is just a small part of the cotton stacked at the Taft Gin.


Wendy said...

Gorgeous photo!! Yes John the back roads are still a we bit muddy. The mail lady tore up our driveway at the property Friday. Still can't believe she pulled in there when she saw fresh dirt had just been put down, goofy lady! Love watching the harvest the cotton and the huge bales when they get done, sweet!

shutterflycutie said...

Love the silhouette of the fav kind of shot. I miss the year I drove to Sinton early mornings and watched the cotton season. One of my fond memories during a tumultuous time of life.