Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Holiday Visitors

Tropical storm Hermine paid us a little visit. Aransas Pass has always been a good safe harbor for the fishing fleet during stormy times so we had lots of visitors. These boats are from every state on the gulf and a few were from the Atlantic states...looked like old times!

There were boats everywhere...I took far more photos than I can post here but this might give you a picture of what it's like down Conn Brown way.


Wendy said...

Oh sheesh these are absolutely wonderful! Love it! Wish I was able to sneak down there today and see all the shrimpers, too cool! So glad you got photos! Thanks for sharing!

Norme said...

good job -- enjoyed all the shots

shutterflycutie said...

O I miss all the fleet that used to reside in Conn Brown Harbor...and the colors. And of course the radio cracklin and daddy sayin he was on his way down the channel. We'd pile in the car and drive til we saw his boat and follow them to dock....sigh. I miss my dad and those times!