Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is It Is Or Is It Ain't?

I've been accused of not knowing the difference between wildflowers and weeds. Hey, if it's wild and it has a bloom...It's a wildflower to me.

The ant doesn't care if it's flower or weed...he just likes too!

My friend, Norma, called me today. She was on her lunch break and she was calling from the harbor. She told me that some of the boats were heading back to the gulf. I went down there a couple of hours later to see what I could see...this shot is from the north end and you can see a boat headed out. Norma has gotten some great shots the last few days, of the harbor and also of some of the flooding we've had. Check her blog out...the easiest way to get to it from here is to click on Norme on the list of followers near the top of the page. There was a little commotion while I was at the harbor...they sent 4 police cars to investigate a dog fight...truth can be stranger than fiction...only in Aransas Pass!! Wish I had known beforehand, I could have pulled off that bank heist I've been planning with no interference at all.

All three of today's shots were with the Sony 30/2.8 macro


Wendy said...

John I honestly know very few men who know the difference between a flower and a wildflower, lol...Your right the ant doesn't care!
LMBO to the 4 cop cars and the dog fight, duh! Probably thought they might have been able to use their service revolvers in the line of duty, lol.

shutterflycutie said...

The funniest part he didn't reveal: how quick animal control arrived! Love all the shots, and like you, if it is in the wild and has flowers, it's just GOTTA be a wildflower!