Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wild Thangs

I went back to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge today and that's where the wild thangs are. This baby 'gator was in the brush at Jones Lake...shadows were pretty strong but I took the shot and think it's not too bad.

This was on The Big Tree Trail and almost caused me to soil my underoos!

This was at Hog Lake. I don't feed the animals or try to bait them but there were a couple of kids there throwing Ritz Crackers into the water and I guess old Wally here decided it was time for a snack.

The kinder, gentler side of wild thangness...on the auto loop.

Heading back toward the gate, these three broke out of the brush and started grazing by the side of the road.

They noticed me and watched me for a few moments but decided I wasn't a threat. I sat and watched them for quite a while before moving on.

This is from just outside the front gate. The sun was almost down and the light was perfect. Photographers call the hour before sunset "The Magic Hour" for me! It was a great afternoon but then, I'm never disappointed at ANWR.

All the deer shots were with the Sony 70-300G, all others with the Sigma 18-250.

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Wendy said...

What you didn't use your new lens on the snake? Are you skeered? LOL...Great photos John! I'm really jealous now, just NOT fair! Love the baby gator, snake is beautiful (what was it? or do I need to pull out my Texas snake book?), Gator eating ritz crackers too cool, Mockingbird-gorgeous, the deer bucks? Wish I had time to head over to the refuge...will you go again for me, lol...