Saturday, January 22, 2011

Self Portrait

I didn't really set out to take a self portrait but when the sun is at your back and you're shooting with an extremely wide angle lens...that's what ya get.
Sigma 8-16

These are the bones of the Lady Monica. She sat in the mud, on the bottom at the FEMA docks for years...they finally dragged her out, in pieces, and are slowly getting the mess cleaned up. The Lady was a unique boat for these waters...she was from Canada and how she wound up here, I don't know...maybe she just needed a warmer climate to finish out her years. 
Sigma 18-250


Wendy said...

So sad (lady Monica, not your shadow)but I love the photos and the story behind them, too sweet!

shutterflycutie said...

How about a REAL self portrait sometime? Guess I'm gonna have to make a trip down and get it myself! ha ha ha looking forward to that one of these days now that I am back from my travels offshore!