Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It must be my week for helicopters. I was down at the bay front late this afternoon and this Coast Guard bird...tail number 6599, was doing a pattern search over Aransas Bay. I don't have a clue what they were looking for but they made a lot of passes. Whatever it was, I hope there was a positive outcome.

Unless there's been a change, the Coast Guard aviation unit flies out of NAS Corpus Christi and they cover a large area of the coast and the Gulf. Just above the tail number the phrase "Lone Star SAR" is painted on the tail...SAR being Search and Rescue, of course. These men and women do a great job and their courage and selfless service are greatly appreciated!
Sony 70-300 G


Paula said...

After visiters from Alaska have gone home had a chance to thumb through your pretty pictures.

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shutterflycutie said...

Never a good site when SAR is overhead...I always hope it is a successful R