Friday, February 25, 2011

Long Train To Nowhere

The sounds of trains used to be pretty common in Aransas Pass but now, after the carbon black plant closed down, they're just one more thing that AP doesn't have anymore. The remaining tracks are just used to stash empty cars till they're needed.

After looking at the idle rail cars, I went on to the harbor and caught this Great Blue Heron as he he landed on a piling.

I was shooting with strong back light so I worked my way around him to try to get a shot with better light.

As I moved around him, he moved too so he could keep a wary eye on me.

The birds weren't the only things flying overhead but, to me, they were much more interesting than the plane.
The rail cars were shot with the Sigma 12-24 all others with the Sony 70-300 G


Wendy said...

What's that song by Johnny Cash about the trains?
I know the feeling of wary birds, I think it's our life story...Great shots! I even like planes but I love to fly...Looks like a gorgeous day in AP...I'm getting antsy again for the beach, would like to go before the spring breakers hit, sigh! Have a great weekend!

shutterflycutie said...

I remember another photo of old trains that we took on one of our is past time my friend....maybe first of April?