Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No Bizness Today

We started our day at 24 degrees, 20 mph Northerly winds and a wind chill of went downhill from there! The temps did rise by about 10 degrees in the course of the day but the Texas utility commission decided the electrical power grid was "unbalanced" so they imposed a Rolling Brownout. At one time or another, the whole town was without electrical power on the coldest day (so far) of the winter. Then two water mains broke leaving the town without water...If our Northern friends (Yankees) ever hear that one little cold snap shut down the whole town, We'll never hear the end of it! :) It's no wonder that the bait shop was locked up in the middle of the day...I don't think many folks were too interested in fishing. Y'all stay warm now, ya hear?
Sigma 50/1.4


Wendy said...

Yikes! None of that sounds good! We have a water well, thank goodness and thank goodness we didn't experience any of the rolling power outages. I'm afraid our pipes might have froze up it we had...I still got my snowpants on, lol.

John Ownby said...

Supposed to get down to 10 tonight in Murphy, TX. Rolling brownouts have been all around us, but so far our electric co-op has not been affected. Tired of cold weather! Been trapped in the house because of ice for two days. Won't get above freezing until this weekend.

shutterflycutie said...

The wind hit our house and blew open our set of 9' Mission Doors! Brrrr...! got to work expecting the 7-15 min power outage, but it was off for the entire morning. Hoping for snow today so I might get to leave early, but also hoping it doesn't snow as I have to drive 30 miles home in heavy traffic (S Texans unfamiliar with that type of road condition)