Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Rattle

Photographs are such wonderful, descriptive things. Not only does the graphic depiction of a person, place or thing give us a visual account of the way things are, they also give us the vehicle for drawing inferences and coming to conclusions. By looking at today's photograph, for example, we may infer several things:
#1- It was a very cloudy,dreary looking, overcast afternoon in Aransas Pass, Texas.
#2- John's creative juices weren't exactly overflowing today. (possibly influenced by #1, above)
#3- John REALLY needs to wash his truck!
#4- Some people will stoop to any level just to find material for a post.
And, perhaps, most important:
#5- Country boys really love their trucks...even when it's a 15 year old gas guzzling, oil burning, banged-up old Dodge that I call "The Rattle"...she starts every morning and gets me "there and back"...what else could a guy ask?
You can probably look at this photo and draw some conclusions of your own...feel free to share! :)


Paula said...

Your truck is not as dirty as my John's truck. However my truck is just a ittle dusty. What is the area your truck is parked on. Looks like a good place to wash a truck or have a shindig or the ideas are endless.

john wingo said...

Hi Paula, the truck is sitting on an old concrete slab down at the harbor. The building that used to be there was torn down several years ago but the slab now makes for a good place to park and watch the Intra Coastal Waterway. No running water anywhere close so not too good as a carwash but it WOULD make a pretty good dance floor.

Wendy said...

LOL...were you bored? Want to compare dirty trucks?

John Ownby said...

My conclusions:
(1) The dings on the hood seem to indicate experience in a hail storm
(2) Based on the dings in the door, Aransas Pass must have a Walmart
(3) The lack of junk stored on the dash means this is not a West Texas truck
(4) Great tires.
(5) This truck may be twice is old as my truck, but it is only half as dirty!

I like this photo. What sort of building is that on the right in the distance?

shutterflycutie said...

poor baby....I think it represents good ole' stability, faithfulness, and dependability. Not much of those qualities around anymore. All the dirt n dings are just "patina" of life. I know the "rattle" personally and it suits you very well. Sweet memories to the vehicles who served the last few years just as well...the beast is still my fav tho!