Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Usual Amenities

Conn Brown Harbor offers all the usual amenities and modern conveniences!
I guess I'm the kind of guy that can joke about most things...see the humor in life but in reality, sights like this offend my sense of civic pride...come on people, the city has a collection site for this kind of thing...probably closer to you than the harbor. It's sad but this isn't an isolated incidence...there are tires, furniture and an eclectic mix of refuse...burns me up...almost like they come and dump their junk in my front yard...hope the 'skeeters ate them up while they were doing this! :)


Wendy said...'s called ignorance!! They do it here too John, especially in the dry creek beds! Where do they think these items go?

Paula said...

If they could catch anyone who dumps I think they should hang them on the court house steps. They solved it on one road in our county by installing cameras and warning signs about the cameras.

John Ownby said...

This is sort of like the strategy behind leaf blowers. A leaf blower is designed to take my leaves and blow them into someone else's yard.

shutterflycutie said...

did you spit in it as you passed by? or plant a plastic flower?