Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Few From Rockport

Rockport is about eight miles north of Aransas Pass and is a pretty nice town. Rockport followed the American pattern years know, downtown moved to the suburbs. Downtown Rockport used to be a thriving business area with all the stores, restaurants etc. that you would expect to see in an American town but then, all those businesses closed down and everything was reinvented in the strip malls and shopping centers on the north edge of town. Unlike many towns, there was a successful renewal project in the old downtown area and the old historic buildings now contain art galleries, boutiques and resale shops galore.

Long a Mecca for the art community, Rockport boasts several excellent galleries and several more of a slightly more dubious reputation. Art is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose, but some of these joints are just there to cash in and they handle some work that just doesn't really show much artistic value....more like craft shops than art galleries...nothing wrong with craft shops but if you're a craft shop, call yourself a craft shop, not an art gallery.

I've always loved this old building...the period architecture, the weathered red brick and especially the twin, inset double doors with the arches above them. It's the only building on the block that hasn't painted the brickwork and covered the front with garish colors that would look more at home in a carnival midway than in an area that bills itself as a heritage district. The Estelle Stair Gallery was one of the really good ones...not only did she handle good work, she had the good taste to preserve the integrity of the building. The gallery closed a couple of years ago for renovation...I hope they open again soon! Anybody that would paint over century old weathered red brick should be tarred and the very least.

Another of the good ones.

I'm a fan of steel sculpture and I really like this one!

Not a gallery but a Rockport fixture for a long time.

It's not every town that has Great Blue Heron roaming the streets.

This bronze statue sits in front of the Rockport Center For The Arts at the yacht marina (about as many shrimp boats there as yachts) I really like it too... I don't know, maybe it's the dogs.

You'll notice that I cleverly incorporated the "Rattle" into this photo...Hey, she's a work of art too!


John Ownby said...

John, I certainly agree about the tar and feathering. By the way, the Rattle looks like it has gained quite a bit in value -- must have a full tank of gas!

Paula said...

Thank you kind sir for the tour of Rockport. Haven't been through there in years. Had a friend in San Antonio who owned a week-end place there. Wonder if their kids still own it or sold it? Hummm I'm curious about things like that.

Wendy said...

Do you do tours of the galleries, lol. I've never stopped to shop or look, just to take photos at the Marina. I totally agree on painting the old bricks, goofy people!
I've been by that sea shell shoppe so many times and looked in passing, never been brave enough to stop but when I was a kid I would have. Love my seashells!! Love the Heron walking down the road, too funny!

shutterflycutie said...

I know you name all your vehicles, but for some reason I just haven't "goten into" the name for the Dodge...but I suppose RATTLE is appropriate from what you have said about it.
Liked the architecture, brings back those "remember when" feelings and songs. The heron was perfect for the day! Wonder how many times I have been in that Sea Shell Shop?