Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just Sittin'

Sometimes I travel the roads around here looking for pictures and sometimes I just pick a peaceful spot and wait for the pictures to come to me. I was feeling kind of tired today and with gas selling for 3.79 per gallon, that sounded like a pretty good, that's just what I did, drove to one of my favorite spots at the harbor and just waited. A few pictures did happen along.

This guy flew past, headed south. A tip for anyone that wants to shoot birds (especially pelicans) in flight; look for them on a breezy day when they're flying into the wind...they're much slower then and they do a lot less wing flapping and a lot more shooting fish in a barrel. Of course, it helps if they're close! At the harbor there's a concrete bulkhead that runs along the water's edge to prevent erosion. The wind hitting that bulkhead creates a strong updraft and these guys love to fly in that free them, it's like they were riding their bike downhill...a free ride.

The "Brown Water I" wasn't having a free ride, she was having to work pretty hard, pushing three big covered barges.

She made it past me and pushed on, under the bridge.

Another "Easy Glider"

The Gulls like to ride the drafts too.

Gulls of all kinds

I'm not sure what they call a group of pelicans...a flock?...a gaggle?...anyhow, I looked back to the north and here came a whole herd of them!

They paid me no mind and flew right past.

Some of the gulls picked my peaceful little spot as their destination...maybe they decided to just sit and I did.

Gulls of all kinds!

All of my shots today were with the Sony 70-200/2.8 G


Paula said...

Very nice entry even if you were sitting and waiting. Sometime I think it would be fun to fly like a bird and just glide along but then I think no, I'm afraid of heights. We used to go on lots of little rides on country roads but have cut down because of the price of gas. Today was the first in a long while.

shutterflycutie said...

the price of gas is gonna slow all of us down, or make our journeys shorter, or, heaven forbid, use our feet to travel with again! Enjoyed the good humor ...always brings a smile to read your blog. O yeah...shots were good too! ;)

Wendy said...

Awesome photos, glad you decided to sit, watch and wait!