Thursday, June 30, 2011

P Is For...

P is for PINK

P is for PIGEON

P is for PELICAN on a PILING


P is for PALM trees...PAPA PALM, Mama PALM and Baby PALM

P is for PEPITOS

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

O Is For...

O is for ORANGE soda

O is for OPEN

O is for OL' Rattle with OPEN thought I was gonna wait for "R"...didn't you?

O is for OFFSHORE crew boat

O is for ONE

O is for OUTDOOR

O is for O'REILLY

O is for OUT of business

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

N Is For...

N is for NO

N is for Walter old school in Aransas Pass

N is for NO


N is for NO


N is for NO

N is for NEPTUNE

N is for NO

N is for NEW...I found a lot more NO signs but I couldn't stand the negativity!

Monday, June 27, 2011

M Is For...

M is for Minolta

M is for Marine Service

M is for Maguey

M is for Maverick

M is for Memorial Tower

M is for Macro

Sunday, June 26, 2011

L Is For

L is for Lovely new Lawn kitchen...Anita asked me this morning if I would consider firing up the grill this evening...not needing too much prodding to burn meat out in the yard, I, of course, said OK. An inspection of my little grill alerted me that the bottom had rusted out so it was off to the local outdoor cooking gourmet boutique (WalMart) for a replacement. This one said Kingsford...and I said...ah! perhaps an American product and promptly whipped out my plastic. Sure enough, when I got it home and ripped open the box...made in China! Nevertheless, I set forth on the adventure of assembly. Seems to be pretty well made and the instructions were pretty clear but there was a huge selection of nuts and bolts and that seems to be the Achilles Heel of these Chinese products...I didn't know ANYBODY manufactured bolts with Rockwell hardness in the negative values but the Chinese seem to have perfected the technique. I'm getting old, I'm getting weak but I was afraid that if I squeezed a handful of these bolts a little too hard, I would crush them into a solid ball. All's well that ends well, so they say and I got the thing put together...I'm not too worried that the heat of cooking will take the temper out of the hardware!

L is for Luscious Loin of Pork!

L is for deLectable Links!

L is for wit: the Loyalty of my stalwart assistant, Gimpster. He stays steadfastly by my side during the cooking procedure...his eyes...and his nose never straying from the task at hand. His job, should the unthinkable happen and I should drop a piece of that meat, would be to catch it before it hits the ground. I have no doubt that he would gladly charge through the gates of Hell to retrieve a piece of that meat...good stout lad!
Sony 30/2.8 macro

Saturday, June 25, 2011

K Is For

K is for Konica in my trusty Maxxum 7D. This was my first digital SLR and it still works great.

K is for in my dad's 620 still works too and it's older than I am!

K is for Kayak. I apologize for the tight composition...I didn't have a shorter lens with me and I was backed up as far as I could go.

Friday, June 24, 2011

J Is For

J is for Jan...I actually didn't take this picture friend Jan was in town about a month ago and I caught up with her at the harbor...she was clowning for the camera and now...she's gotta pay! I think she was reacting to the fact that the predicted "end of the world" was at hand. J is also for her Jamaica t-shirt...

J is for Jalapeno! These South Texas pickles are served with everything down here. We eat 'em on our burgers, we eat 'em on our eggs, our fried chicken...they even have jalapeno jelly. I like 'em stuffed with cheese, battered and fried!

J is for John...and there you have black and white. Stay tuned for K!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Is For...

I is for Indian Point Indian Point Portland Texas on the shore of Corpus Christi Bay.The park is maintained by the city of Portland and it's a pretty cool place to go. I haven't been fishing there in years but when I DID fish there years ago, it was one of the few fishing piers in the area that actually had fish around it to catch. I always thought it was because of the oyster beds around it but that was just my opinion. The park also has great views of the bay...and of Corpus Christi, across the bay. It was always a good spot to sit and watch the aerial fireworks shows that the city of Corpus Christi always had on the bayfront on the fourth of July. There's also a nature walk with good spots to watch the birds. It's also a good spot just to watch the bay. But, you know what they say... If you stare at the Sea too long, you can see over the edge of the world...

Yikes...I guess it's true...or maybe that's just what you get when you are shooting with a fish-eye lens.
Both photos with the Rokinon 8mm/3.5 fish-eye.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

H Is For...

H is for HARBOR Bait...I like the guarantee for their live bait!

H is for HANDICAPPED parking by the fishing pier.

H is for HUGE HEAP of trash at the HARBOR.

H is for HOLE in the wall...above the door.

H is for fire HYDRANT. This one looks a little worse for wear...looks like maybe someone ran into it and pushed it partway over.

H is for HEB! Where would South Texas be without our HEB? I had higher hopes for photos today but it was a rainy day and I wound up doing most of my shooting while sitting in the truck and taking quick shots out the window while trying to keep my camera dry.
Sigma 18-250

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

G Is For...

G is for Guarala...Gaudaa...Gualajara... Good place to have your migas in the morning! I like the breakfasts at the Guadalajara...just don't ask me to turn around three times and spell it.


G is for Gulf King. I think this is the last building at the harbor that still has the Gulf King sign on it.
Sigma 18-250