Saturday, June 11, 2011

Parade Day

Livin' free...If I had a shovel head Harley, I'd be livin' free too...well, actually, I'd probably be wrapped around a tree somewhere or be a part of a Kenworth grill but it's a nice little fantasy. Today was parade day for the 63rd annual Shrimporee so, I stuck a 32 gig card in the camera, stuck an extra battery in my pocket, put on the Sigma 18-250 and headed to town.

This big old shrimp used to sit in front of city hall. I guess they decided it wasn't appropriate anymore and took it down. They still bring it out for the parade...'cause, for the tourist's sake, we're still pretending to be a shrimping town!

Miss Shrimporee!...purty huh?

Miss Teen Shrimporee...just cuter than a pearl button!

This is Mr. Kibbee. He does children's reading programs at the public library. He always dresses funky like this, for the kid's programs anyway and often brings his unicycle. I think there are a lot of kids in Aransas Pass who like to read now...because of Mr. Kibbee...Thanks Dude, great job!

A float from Taft, Texas. Taft is all about cotton and there's a big old bale of it on the float.

I loved this old Ford truck. There were quite a few hot rods and classic cars but this one was my favorite.

This kid was too cute and he may possibly have the only working shrimp boat left in AP!

You can't have a parade in South Texas without DQ...I think that's a law.

Naturally, there was a large group of Shriner's...on bikes, go-karts, scooters and even a train made of oil drums. Theses guys have a blast and they raise a lot of money for children's hospitals...I think that's pretty cool.

Tin Lizzy!

My old friend Billy...moved to Goliad a few years back but still rides with the Corpus group.

It must be a real bear to keep these Karts running. I've never been to one of their rides without them having to put at least one of them on the hook and tow it the rest of the way.

This guy was happy! You could tell he was really having a good time. He must be a drywaller, nobody else could walk that far on stilts and still be happy.

A float from Freer, Texas, promoting their rattlesnake roundup. I spent a lot of time drilling oil wells around Freer and I can attest to the fact that they have an abundance of rattlesnakes around there.

This float was from the Aransas Pass Fire Department...pretty appropriate huh? The guy walking behind is my friend, Phillip Hyatt. He owns an auto parts store here, serves on the city council, and is captain of the volunteer firefighters. He's about the most civic minded person I know. Anytime there is volunteer work going on for civic projects, chances are, he's there.

You can't have a parade in South Texas without HEB...I think that's a law.

A float from Poteet, Texas...the Poteet Strawberry festival.

The girls from Poteet...aren't they pretty?

Not real sure what organization the young ladies represent but they're real beauties.

A genuine Texas super hero...WHATABURGER-MAN!

From Corpus Christi, the Buc Days float...celebrating piracy, of course

The flag waving in the breeze and a pretty girl waving at me...I can think of worse ways to end a post!

The parade was the best one we've had for several years...A lot more entries and you could tell a lot of effort was put forth. Besides what I've posted, there were all kinds of local big shots dignitaries, a U.S. Congressman, a State Representative and various county officials. There were three fire departments, the Coast Guard, the high school band, cheerleaders, the football team, little leaguers, T-ballers, softballers, all kinds of civic organizations and kids organizations and...not one horse. No Sheriff's Posse, no trail rider groups, no charro groups...not one mounted group or a single horseman...Dang...this is South Texas...I thought there was some kinda law!


Anonymous said...

Wow that was some parade for A.P....Love the photos and the commentary was awesome!! ~ Wen

shutterflycutie said...

I'm glad the shrimporee was better than most...still miss the ones that really were a celebration of the shrimp season tho