Thursday, June 9, 2011

Say What?

South Texas loves a party! Well, Texas, in general, loves a party. All the towns have their summer festivals and Aransas Pass is no exception. All of these festivals are themed to fit the town...Gonzales celebrates the battle of Gonzales in the Texas revolution, Cuero celebrates the turkey, Fulton celebrates oysters, Portland celebrates the wind (it's pretty windy over there, most of the time) and the list goes on. Aransas Pass celebrates the shrimping industry with Shrimporee. It struck me, as I passed this sign today, that this has become somewhat hypocritical. In the old days, it was actually about shrimping...with the blessing of the fleet, a boat parade, in which people could get a ride on a shrimp boat. Prizes were given to the captains with exceptionally good catch totals for the season. I go to the harbor just about every day...believe me, there's nothing left to celebrate! Shrimporee is still a big deal in this town with parades, live music and dances, arts and craft shows, carnival rides, a beauty pageant, cooking contests, food booths and beer gardens... it just doesn't have anything to do with shrimping anymore but rather is just a venue for the Chamber of Commerce to draw the visitors and...make money! Maybe they should rename it the Tourist-o-ree...or the Hangover-o-ree or something more appropriate for what it is now. One of the big attractions was always the shrimp eating contest...they'll have one this year but you can be sure of one thing...they won't be eating shrimp caught by Aransas Pass boats! Maybe it should be the farm-raised frozen shrimporee or the imported asian shrimporee...just sayin'
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Anonymous said...

Boo! Boo! Boo...Bring back the boat parade and the largest shrimp catch of the season!!!! I don't want to go now I thought I'd get some fresh shrimp!! ~ Wen

Anonymous said...

Hey I know can practice your shooting from the hip street photography!!! ~ Wen

Anonymous said...

amen amen amen...... too sad to remember even...js