Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Sometimes I miss film...don't get me wrong, I think digital is wonderful but there's just something about film that digital just doesn't replace. Certainly, it's a medium that requires a lot more discipline than digital. When you knew you were going to pay about 50 cents for every shot you took, it made you work a little harder to get things right the first time. I shot mostly black and white film and slide film...did my own processing on both of those types. I still have all my darkroom equipment but it's been packed away for a while. The developing and printing was a lot of and white was very forgiving, offered a lot of choices for creativity and it was somewhat magical to see a print come to life in the development tray...right before your eyes. Color slides, on the other hand, required a bit more precision. temperatures, timing and the mixture of the chemicals had to be just was worth it though. When you laid that strip of developed film down on a light table and looked at the images with a magnifier or a loupe, it was magic again...vibrancy of color that no computer screen will ever match! I sometimes think about digging out my tanks, trays and all the other gear and doing a few rolls but I never get around to it. I still have a large supply of film on hand...probably 200 rolls or so but the chemicals are getting increasingly hard to find and since film is time sensitive, I'll probably wind up throwing it away...that's a pity!
Sigma 105/2.8 macro


Wendy said...

I started off with black and white film in middle school and loved it!! Still have some of the photos and playing in the dark room was a blast!! I agree the work involved with film was a lot more but the quality of the photo was awesome!!

shutterflycutie said...

I never had the privelege of using a dark room in this capacity...and I am so thankful for digital so I can at least "see" my work even if it never makes it to print. Glad you all have it too, think of the pics we'd never see!