Sunday, July 3, 2011

S Is For...

S is for SEAMAN'S Memorial Tower

S is for knew that one was coming, huh?


S is for STADIUM at Aransas Pass High School...GO Panthers!

S is for STARS and STRIPES

S is for STOP SIGN on STREET in front of SCHOOL buildings.


Paula said...

You didn't have any trouble finding S's. Hope you don't mind if I mention this here. I know you said you are diabetic. Today I heard of a liquid made from cactus pear apples that when you take two or three ounces a day will lower blood sugar. I forget the name but could find out. Not advocating it just saying what I heard.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! You did an excellant job with the letter 'S'...I love all of them! Great job on the color selection on the Stop sign!! You are so very talented! ~ Wen

shutterflycutie said...

Will be glad when Wen is no longer anonymous! I like the stop sign, nice touch to the routine. I recognize all these!