Tuesday, July 5, 2011

U Is For...

U is for ULTRA...2X ultra...must be some powerful stuff.


U is for USB Hub

U is for USED UP...I started to post another self-portrait with this caption but I figured you hadn't fully recovered from the last one I put up here.

U is for UNFOCUSED...we all get a little unfocused from time to time and that's the mode I've been operating in for the past few days. There are lots of reasons for us to occasionally lose our focus, I suppose.When I lose mine, it's usually because my head and heart lose the tenuous degree of balance that they have with each other. My head bombards me with facts and logic and my heart buries me in beautiful dreams of the way things SHOULD be...it's a delicate balance and sometimes conflicts arise. I guess it says a lot about my character (or lack thereof) that my heart always comes out on top!


Anonymous said...

Yeah!! You did it!! And you are not used up and stop talking like that!! Ugh to the heart and head not cooperating and working together, maybe they need a swift kick in the rear? ~Wen

Paula said...

You are always able to find things for each letter. Waiting for Z, maybe a Zebra?

shutterflycutie said...

WOW...heart and mind. Do they ever agree? The heart is the motivator, the mind the decision maker, and yet they conflict so much throughout life. Glad your heart comes out on top in the end. Mine does, but then it's not very well trained I'm afraid! ;). I would not have thought of the "unfocused", guess that is why you are the "artiste" and I am just a photographer!