Sunday, July 10, 2011

Y Is For... Pt. II

Y is for YAHOO

Y is for YARD Machine

Y is for Rockport YACHT Basin

Y is for YUCCA

Y is for YACHT Club

Y is for YELLOW

I was going to post a picture of a piece of chocolate cake and say Y was for YUMMY but appetite overtook restraint and I ate my subject before I could shoot it.

I suppose I should apologize for yesterdays post...there was no confusion about whose turn it was to use the truck this afternoon...the fuel gauge was pegged out on empty so I KNEW it was my turn!


Paula said...

This is the funniest one yet. I can see you standing and waiting for the yellow light. I talked to the lady who told me about the cactus juice for lowering blood sugar. I'm just saying what she said, never tried it my self. It is Nopalea. They buy it from a reflexologist. I typed the word into Keyword and there is a lot of info. about it and supposed to be good for other things so I don't know just thought of you and my son-in-law when she said it was helping her husband. My s-i-l won't try things like that though.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo you Aced 'Y'...I'm proud of you!! I'm also sitting here laughing at the empty gas tank. I always make sure Fred gets the truck when it's on E...isn't that what husbands are for? ~Wen

shutterflycutie said...

Amazing! I learned 2 things from your blog today: (1) the guy gets the vehicle when on empty, and (2) Aransas Pass has an actual YACHT CLUB? I really need to research this "wife" wonder I'm divorced, did it wrong all those years! LOL